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Care to sit down and join me for some tea?

Hey Now, hello, sup, OHAI! First and foremost let me welcome you to MY new blog/website. It is affectionate called “LooseLeafs” and hopefully someone aside from myself likes the name. This is my little corner of the world to talk to you. Yeah, You! How are you? I hope you are having a nice day.

Who am I? You probably don’t know me, but if you do it is most likely because you have seen me on reddit. I have been posting under the alias ‘Leafeator.’ Well my real name is Joseph, but since we are friends now you can just call me Joey. I’m a C++ programmer college student with a fiery burning passion for eSports. That fire started burning when I was a wee little thirteen year old, playing CAL Company of Heroes and Day of Defeat Source. Then I randomly flicked past DirectTV channel 101 and saw [djWHEAT casting some CSS live on my tv]. I was mesmerized; I wanted to know more, I wanted in. Three years later I found myself doing intern work for Starcraft 2 leagues. Slowly I was able to network my way into meeting people who I have only previously spent hours watching from the comfort of my bed. It is an honor to get to meet those people. It is an honor to have this form to casually speak to you.


Have you ever found yourself really wanting to start something, yet you just keep procrastinating? For no good reason you sabotage and convince yourself against doing what would only benefit you. Maybe for you that is going to the gym, or doing your math homework. For me that was this site. Looseleafs is something I have had in the barrel for quite a while. I kept delaying firing it out in the world. Damnit now is the time. Boom. Fire away. Thanks to [Conrad] and [James] for the little kick in the ass I so desperately needed.

Why make this site?

  • To have Looseleafs as my outlet. No one else’s.
  • To keep everything “Leafeator” from this point forward at one easy url.
  • To share with everyone my fore into eSports. My photographs, live event coverage, event wrap-ups, and other shenanigans.
  • To do original eSports pieces and interviews. I dont have the time or want to bore you with more dry TL-esque game predictions/postmortems. I want to entertain you with OC that others are not doing.
  • To break some news. Why let Slasher be the only one with “sources”?
  • To be able to represent myself in a press fashion. A lot of people know me as “the reddit guy,” but I need to be able to be my own entity in the eyes of other organizations.
  • To talk about more than just eSports. I foresee quite a few posts about tv, games, and life.
  • To have fun and hopefully entertain you.


Today I will be making my way down to the LA Convention Center to be an attendee at E3 2013. This will be my second one and I feel like tomorrow is Christmas morning. Has been my dream for a very long time to attend this convention. Naturally I will take this opportunity to be kicking this blog off with a lot of E3 coverage this week. My goal will be to give the perspective of someone attending. The things that Gamespot or SpikeTV dosnt show you.

Well I guess it is time to put a bow on this first blog and ship it. Okay technically this is the 7th entry into the site. But everything below this is just old and ported. If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I am not sure the style in which I will be writing these blogs. For this one I wanted to go freeform and let my voice through. That voice probably riddled with little misspellings and grammatical errors. Trying my best to keep those at a minimum but I promise they will shine on through. Please feel free to give your feedback. I really hope you stick around and watch out for the content I post here. I promise we are going to have a good time.

Have a good day, friend.

-Joey ‘[leafeator]