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Summer/Fall 2018 and things?

So now I have been making it a point to talk about the TV posts that I make here for myself on Cybergarbage. Because we started a streaming company and production company this year with Attack folding. Content is content yo. But let me put some scorecards here for my own safe keeping too.

If you missed me this year please watch

Summer Fall Scorecard 18 TV

2018 I think went well. 2019 is going to be the year of stretching. Physically. Like with an app to try and get more limber. And mentally, to do more hard things. Also the year of making more, spending less. And maybe losing 10 pounds. It’s going to be about Player Select and Cybergarbage through and through. And me. Lots of me. And stretching.

Dec 222017

Summer / Fall TV n 2017

Damn daniel back at it again with them fresh TV takes? Let’s rapid fire some of them off and talk about 2017. Let’s see if it will be fun to do a ten words or less thing.

Insecure – Will they? I wont next season.

Orphan Black – Fitting close, love my sisters.

Bojack Horseman – I’m biased, favorite show, great season, fuck dementia.

The Duece – What was this again? Skip.

Suits – Royal family takes cute girl off show. Zzzz

The Defiant Ones – Could have been three episodes, still fine.

Rick and Morty – I hate that this show is so popular now.

Episodes – The best hidden comedy of the last 5 years, bye!


Big Mouth – Netflix is doing animated dicks now? cool.

American Vandal – Great satire yet over hyped.

Room 104 – I filmed next door to them and took their crafty.

Mindhunter – Not for me even tho I wanted it to be.

Transparent – Would have been stronger as a 2 season and done

Five foot two – Gaga docu pretty meh

Top of the Lake (Chinatown) – Bring something back and make it worse eh?


Better Things – I’m not a mom but my heart bleeds for this show

Curb your Enthusiasm – Happy it’s back but didn’t rock my world

Mr Robot – How is this on USA?

Top 5 Shows of 2017:
5. Rick and Morty
4. Better Call Saul
3. Bojack Horseman
2. Mr Robot
1. Big Little Lies

Best game? Mario Odyseey / Breath of the Wild
Best album? Lorde’s Melodrama

Best parts of the latter half of 2017? We put two shows on TV. They were well received? We’re going to do more of them (maybe/hopefully?) We still have jobs and get to play and create in-front of an awesome community that supports us. Still crazy to think about what I got to accomplish this year; between graduating, moving out, the attack at the very least. I’ve got to go on trips (Seattle, big bear, vegas) with my friends and foster the UCLA dota team. Hell I even got to get a new car in there somewhere.

When I look back on it all, it almost seems like a blur. I kept a small journal that I wrote almost every day down into as a quick reminder to appreciate what’s happening and be able to remember some of the finer points, because really it was too much to take in. I’m not even getting close to summing up the finer points here because the big picture is just so, overwhelming. Next year we work on expansion and getting that bottom line up up up. Let’s get it fam.

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Winter / Spring TV 2017.

Yeah, well, I guess it really is just a TV blog now. I’ll touch on non TV stuff at the bottom because I guess the last 6 months have been crazy cool and rewarding.

Big little lies – Would have been #1 if both Fargo and Saul weren’t so good (sorry to bury that lead). Love that it’s a self contained mini-series with real character development and attachment to each of the girl’s stories. I love the houses, the cast, the pettiness, and everything about the show just had me hooked. I didn’t know who the killer was and the reveal was super strong. Would recommend this to almost anyone.
Crashing – I had to go back and think “what was crashing?!” so that’s not a great sign. I was interested in it for Artie. It made me laugh a few times. Probably wont go back fell a little flat.
Girls – I love Girls. It makes me smile. I came into being an adult watching these characters come into being adults. It’s been a fun ride and I am sad that it’s over. I wish Hannah didn’t keep the baby. I’m happy for Sosh.
Animals – My favorite witty animated show that is not Rick and Morty. Watch it.
Silicon Valley – It will never be as good as season 1, but it’s still okay.
House of Cards – Show continues to plateau at a level just south of good. Sticking with it out of some obligation to the story, but it’s quite frustrating at this point.
Grace and Frankie – Makes me smile. Admittedly less interested in this season and did a few things while watching the show.
13 Reasons – While this one has its flaws (why does everyone 16 have all these tattoos, why is everyone’s parents so incompetent) I could talk at length about 13 reasons with other people who watched it. Not sure why it needs a season 2, but okay why not lets give it a shot.
Dear White People – Didn’t think I was going to like it, saw they filmed at UCLA and got my interested perked a little, ended up binge it. It helped that it was short, loved the different perspectives, not as preachy as one would assume, even tho I already agree with the message.
Glow – Thought this was going to be a throwaway, but was wrong. Turned into a full day binge. Sure part of it is because I like wrestling, and 30m episodes helped a ton in making this a quick watch, but it just had a cool happy story.
Orange is the new black – I hated this season a lot less than I have hated all the other ones. Maybe the riot was something that I actually needed to shake the show up. I’m sure next season (or two) will still be garbage and I don’t know why I am going to still watch it.
Homeland – Straight up revival of the show. Good modern story to tie into Trump-land. Carrie being Carrie, Saul being Saul, Dar being Dar. Quin tho, oh boy. A+ would recommend.
Catastrophe – It’s short and it will make you laugh but don’t bother if you haven’t already.
Handmaids Tail – The one show this cycle I thought I was going to get into but then really could not get any traction with. For whatever reason it just would not stick dispite people telling me how awesome it was.
Suits – Why do I watch this show still?
Fargo – Season 3 was the weakest of the three for me. Took me a while to actually get into it, real slow burn. Feel like I still have a lot of unresolved ends, albeit I am very okay with the Pavlov ending. I’m being hyper-critical because I love Fargo so much. I still love this season and would tell you to watch it.
Saul – Best season of this show, easily. Bringing it closer to BrBa times and roping in more of the same characters really makes this show spark in my brain. Story was crisp, ending was tragic, and you really more than ever get to see the BrBa backstory that the show promised us. So damn awesome.
Samurai Jack – I never watched the old Jack seasons. I came into this cold, and it still really worked. So beautiful and romantic.
Archer – Sticking with this show because of it’s strong history, but this season was weaker than Vice. Easily my least favorite one.
Bobs Burgers – They found the formula and could just make this show forever now, and I’m sure they intend to. Love live H Jon.

For anyone keeping track that’s: 5 HBO // 6 Netflix // 1 Showtime // 2 Online-not-netflix // 6 Cable — I knew there was a reason I bought that Netflix stock.
Top 3: Saul > Big Little Lies > Fargo

Summer shows that I’m looking forward to – Orphan Black / Queen Sugar / Suits / Insecure / Room 105 / Ray Donovan / Episodes / Whatever is new and has an 80+ on metacritc

So what about the non TV shit? Well I graduated UCLA a few weeks ago. Was crazy, not as emotional as I thought, but just bitter sweet. Since I have already been working full time and not taking classes all year it was not a strong transition, but I know that I am going to miss the place. I will miss all the learning, and all the luxuries that just living on a college campus afford you. I think my real struggle is knowing that this part of my life is over now and I have to go be “an adult.” I just want to hang out on campus and meet new people and saunter through my day. I still find myself going back to campus just to sit on the grass and collect my thoughts, because it has turned into a comfortable place for me.

Oh also The Attack is going to be on Disney XD. It’s our big shot and I am ready to throw my body to the wolves to make it work. We are all putting in the work and we are going to make it phenomenal, and hope for the best outcome. The hard work will pay off, I believe in the team and what we’re doing and am so excited to be a producer on a real TV show. Who would have thought that at this time last year that this is where we would be at. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes, surely the next blog will elaborate. We record our first Ep in 3 days. Wew.

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2016 wasn’t *that* bad

Yeah yeah yeah; Trump, Brexit, Bowie, and oodles of other people who I care less about than Bowie. But in terms of media, I feel like 2016 was pretty hot. TV still on an upswing, (non-AAA) games continuing to grow, good comics, great eSports, and on a personal front- my time working at The Attack. I could easily curtail this into a personal blog about how happy I have been this year working with the entire crew and creating everything we have, but I may save that for the off-line pen and paper blog. In short, it feels like I have a career now. I am a producer and I’m good at it. 18 months ago Joey would have never considered or realized this, and it still blows my mind to think about. I am so very indented to the boys there.

But to not stray too far away from what I wanted to do here, or what my little corner of the internet has devolved into, Fall 2016 TV wrap up and best of 2016 arbitrary lists.

One Mississippi – I like Tig, and I love how dry the show was. I feel like I need to be very particular who I recommend this to because it is definitely not a show for everyone, but for the right people I know that this could very well be love.
Fleabag - It seems like Amazon TV’s strategy is just “take good BBC shows” and really, I’m okay with getting the best of Channel 4 free online. Fleabag wasn’t my favorite thing I watched, but it was short and has a strong point and great character acting.
Transparent – Season 3 delivered. Show keeps continuing to be strong as the focus shifts over to the rest of the family. Easily Amazon’s best show, who knows why they keep pushing Man in the High Castle.
Easy - A Netflix anthology about relationships. Some of them are good, most of them are okay, some of them are just bad. Great to see the crazy diverse cast, but I could only recommend a few of these episodes to people.
Atlanta - When I started not liking Atlanta I sat down with myself and had to ask “Hey do I not like this because I’m just a racist?” No. No I am not, I really just could not get into the show.
High Maintenance – Painfully “meh” nothing to see here.
Black Mirror – Okay fam, I love black mirror. I always have, I probably always will. Even the episodes that people don’t enjoy as much, I still love. I want to share this show with everyone, but I have learned that it is indeed not for everyone. My mother’s reflection after Watching Nosedive was “Well, that sucks.” and San Junipero “Well, that’s sad.” If you like analyzing your media or you like sci fi or you like refreshing short sorties, and you haven’t seen this show, please.
Quarry - I wanted to like Quarry. Cinemax show, gritty, violent, influence from Banshee, new story about Vietnam PTSD. But I could not get into it. Characters and environment on whole fell a little flat. Story was sub par.
Better Things – I know nothing about being a single mom. I know nothing about being a teenage girl. I know nothing about an all female progressive household. I know that I really enjoyed this show. It’s my personal favorite of the “Louie” style of shows and I think FX hit it out of the park here.
Insecure - I cared about the characters. That’s more than I can say about most shows. Get your shit together Issa.
Queen Sugar – Together with Insecure is probably how I helped reconcile the fact that I didn’t just dislike Atlanta because I’m some kind of a bigot. Probably one of the best new IP’s of the year, and the fact that it’s on OWN, well, good for them.
Planet Earth – I watched this for the pretty things.
West World - Could likely do a whole tirade on WW. I hated it, then I loved it, and that love came with time. I don’t care about the park as much as I care about the people behind the park. The clues for the reveals were smart, and I’m happy I caught most of them and made the decision to not look at the subreddit during the show. They got me, and while I think a lot of people are just fake fans caught up in the hype and HBO’s marketing, I really do appropriate the show.
Rectify - Some people have said that the series finale season was the worst of the 4. I would have to disagree, as we really get to delve deeper into the psyche of these characters we have grown to love. One of the most touching dramas of the last 4-5 years, a show that is powerful and raw and will likely not be recreated anytime soon. It’s not a lot, so if you have missed it I would highly suggest putting it on your list.
Shameless - Having ZP be Neil is such a treat. Having Fiona winning is great. Everyone maturing at a crazy pace, and you almost have hope for the family. I know that I just love Emmy, but this show will always be a favorite of mine until the end.

Normally I recommend stuff I’m watching next season here. But I’m not quite sure what’s premiering in the next few months. We’re in a bit of a lull it seems. But how about instead best of 2016? That’s what all the cool kids do right? I’m cool? Right?

Comic: Hot Dog Taste Test
Movie: Zootopia
Tech: Google Pixel
Artist: Alessia Cara
Games: 3. Firewatch 2. Uncharted 4 1. Dark Souls 3
TV: 5. Westworld 4. Mr Robot 3. Black Mirror 2. Rectify 1. Bojack Horseman

Good shit. Here’s to a crazy 17.

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Summer 16 TV

Ayyyy it’s been a while since I talked about TV. So lets do that. Real quick and such. Right now.

Everything I watched over the last Season-ish:

Grace and Frankie – One of my favorite Netflix shows, one of the few Comedies that makes me actually laugh.
Modern Family – Wow the new season just started yesterday and I’m listing this as something from “last season” yeesh.
Bobs Burgers – See above, I’m a sucker for these shows move along.
Banshee – Wrapped up in Spring and I think that the 4th season may have been the weakest. I still loved it regardless and am very sad to see it go, as it will go down as one of my top 10 shows of all time.
Lady Dynamite – We don’t need more Louie shows, and this one didn’t do it for me.
Catastrophe – BBC shows on Amazon Prime are a gift, and this one makes me giggle. Worth checking out if you’ve never seen it.
Archer – That cliff hanger tho. Falling behind Rick and Morty and Bojack for me on a list of “Favorite Animated Shows.”
Bo Burnham‘s new special which the name of I am blanking on at this moment – You should watch it. Thanks netflix.
Orphan Black – Doesn’t matter because Tat got her Emmy last week so all is right in the world.
Bloodline – I couldn’t watch season 2. So so so bad compared to season 1 I don’t even know how it’s the same show.
Silicon Valley – I remember when this show was clever and funny. Thanks for making it less good now HBO.
Orange is the New Black – Why do I watch this if I never really love it? It’s just an okay time killer for me. Decent season because there is less piper.
Narcos – Great, but I feel like it could have been 2-3 episodes shorter and been much better. Love that they went through with the arc of Pablo’s story. A lot of hiding, season 1 was probably better all around.
Roadies – Showtime really does suck now. It’s a shame. Couldn’t get past the third episode.
The Night Of - SO much promise with the pilot. Even the next two episodes had me hooked. It was pretty disappointing to watch it go down hill, but still one of the best shows from the last TV cycle.
Bojack Horseman – Hands down my favorite show of the Summer. Quite possibly my show of the year at this rate. They keep managing to make this thing better and better. Such a fucking gem.
Suits - Man I hate Rachael. And even Mike. And kinda everyone. Suits was like the transition between Burn Notice and Mr Robot in USA’s quest to get better at TV, but it’s just so bad now.
Ray Donovan – Probably the weakest season yet, even with Ray having much more of an arc. I keep watching because I want to ride the story out at this point.
Vice Principals – I watched it because it was quick and easy. Didn’t do much for me at all.
Mr Robot - Absolutely masterful. Some people complain that it is not as good as season 1, and I think I disagree. I think 2 is better, and Dom just really drives me insane.
Ballers – Dwayne “Meh” Johnson.

Well that was quick and dirty. And a lot of TV. Hopefully if ya read that ya found something new ya might wanna watch? Currently I’m watching Queen Sugar, Better Things, Quarry, One Mississippi, Fleabag, Transparent, and Easy. Shameless, Black Mirror, and Rectify are coming back next month, and I’m sure a few more things will sneak into that rotation too.


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