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As I sit here lonely and bored on this rather uneventful Thursday, an update to this blog just seems “right.”

It’s 2014. Well it has been for almost a month now. Time flies as they say. Tis been a crazy time already. Turned 21 a few weeks ago. Visited Vegas and CES again this year. Started a montage of new TV shows for Winter. Final community college semester is a go. All of this stuff is exciting, and keeping me busy. In this fit of business I have this little nag in the back of my head that there is nothing going on HERE. It’s not like many people are stopping by, or waiting for content (and I may or may not loathe this), but the lack of regular anything is bothersome. I want this to be an eSports live event blog, but also so much more of an internet outlet for me. It says in the sidebar “Sometimes I also talk about other awesome things like TV, games, and food.” What’s stopping me from regular content of any sort? Am I too busy? Kinda. Am I too lazy? I don’t really thing so.

I really like lists. I keep a to-do list on my desk. It is an 8.5×11 piece of paper that breaks things into different categories. I love crossing things off. Keeps me organized and I feel makes me a more efficient human. I also keep a “someday-maybe” list. On here I have things that I want to do. Some of the things you might find on this list include: Reading a few select books, streaming, stop biting my nails, have a girlfriend. I really need to work on taking “Looseleafs being a thing” off that list. I recently took “Yelp Reviewer” off this list. I am enjoying the discipline, and writing outlet, of reviewing every place I go on yelp. I know that I will keep this up indefinitely, so why can I not put that drive into this casa?

I want to create content. Rawr.

If you’re interested in my single day at CES, here are the only 4 pictures I took:


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WCS america Season 3 Finals!

Hey Now~

Here is a real quick share of some pictures I took Sunday October 20th at Red Bull HQ for the WCS Season 3 America Finals. This was a free admission event hosted in Santa Monica California that featured the top 8 Americans (Read: Koreans). Unfortunately I was only able to attend Sunday, but felt right at home with a, small, hyped crowd and a bunch of friends from NASL and the SoCal scene. Personal highlights of the day included the copious amounts of free Red Bull, Gretorp hugs, Jaedong remembering me, and a Polt W.

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Slice of Dexter

When I started this site I told myself that I not only want it to be an outlet for all of my eSports stuff, but also a place to write about all of my interests. Finally I am going to live up to that idea by dipping my toes into blogging about television, one of my loves. Here goes nothing.

There will be spoilers.

Dexter marked a new era in my life. Back in 2008 I was 15, and watching grade-A shit on television. I spent more time playing games than I would watching shows in my free time. There was nothing that I was excited to watch except maybe survivor with my dad. My parents have been watching HBO and Showtime for as long as I could remember. I always found it interesting and so much more enjoyable that they could swear on TV. I popped my premium TV cherry online. I sat at my desk and navigated to Showtime’s website. There they had the entire first episode of the first season of Dexter online to watch. I got some chips and a diet coke and proceeded to watch the episode.

I was hooked. Deb might say “fucking hooked!” The concept, plot, acting, and quality was something I have never experienced before on the small screen. Dexter as a character was so intriguing to me. I had the hots for Deb. My netflix queue was lit up catching up on the series. I watched until there was nothing left and I was in agony waiting for the new season to air. It was the first time I spent time away from the show thinking about what happened and analyzing. The ice truck killer was literately in my dreams. The seasons came by as I navigated my way thought high school, and I look back seeing myself mature with the show.
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TI3 Pictures

Holy shit. I am so happy I got to attend TI3. TI3 marked my debut attending dota events and branching out a bit. I got to see some familiar faces, but spend most of the time exploring and mingling. Valve put on the best event I have ever attend. It’s not a hyperbole, or fluff, it was the best. Here are some of the photo’s I grabbed at the event.

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WCS NA S2 ro16 Day 1

My grandma would have no idea how to read that title. WCS, NA, S2, ro16. It’s practically jibrish.

WCS NA kicked off its first live broadcast at the NASL studio Monday. 3 of America’s top players (Jaedong, Ryung, and Oz) were all in Rancho California to play infront of a live audience. Since a fire broke out at the original venue the crew did not have much time to turn their office into a studio, a la MLG. Something new to this live WCS NA event was an audience! It did not come over well through the stream, and the guest list was 90% VIPS, but people were there watching and rooting for NA’s best. Since Violet could not come it was a rather short day with not too much to shoot, but a fun time with friends nonetheless. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures. Unfortunately this was the only day I am able to cover WCS stuff. I fly out to TI3 Friday. Hype as fuck.

Full album can be viewed hereĀ 

Additional shots and a vine pan of the set on my twitter


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