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2016 wasn’t *that* bad

Yeah yeah yeah; Trump, Brexit, Bowie, and oodles of other people who I care less about than Bowie. But in terms of media, I feel like 2016 was pretty hot. TV still on an upswing, (non-AAA) games continuing to grow, good comics, great eSports, and on a personal front- my time working at The Attack. I could easily curtail this into a personal blog about how happy I have been this year working with the entire crew and creating everything we have, but I may save that for the off-line pen and paper blog. In short, it feels like I have a career now. I am a producer and I’m good at it. 18 months ago Joey would have never considered or realized this, and it still blows my mind to think about. I am so very indented to the boys there.

But to not stray too far away from what I wanted to do here, or what my little corner of the internet has devolved into, Fall 2016 TV wrap up and best of 2016 arbitrary lists.

One Mississippi – I like Tig, and I love how dry the show was. I feel like I need to be very particular who I recommend this to because it is definitely not a show for everyone, but for the right people I know that this could very well be love.
Fleabag - It seems like Amazon TV’s strategy is just “take good BBC shows” and really, I’m okay with getting the best of Channel 4 free online. Fleabag wasn’t my favorite thing I watched, but it was short and has a strong point and great character acting.
Transparent – Season 3 delivered. Show keeps continuing to be strong as the focus shifts over to the rest of the family. Easily Amazon’s best show, who knows why they keep pushing Man in the High Castle.
Easy - A Netflix anthology about relationships. Some of them are good, most of them are okay, some of them are just bad. Great to see the crazy diverse cast, but I could only recommend a few of these episodes to people.
Atlanta - When I started not liking Atlanta I sat down with myself and had to ask “Hey do I not like this because I’m just a racist?” No. No I am not, I really just could not get into the show.
High Maintenance – Painfully “meh” nothing to see here.
Black Mirror – Okay fam, I love black mirror. I always have, I probably always will. Even the episodes that people don’t enjoy as much, I still love. I want to share this show with everyone, but I have learned that it is indeed not for everyone. My mother’s reflection after Watching Nosedive was “Well, that sucks.” and San Junipero “Well, that’s sad.” If you like analyzing your media or you like sci fi or you like refreshing short sorties, and you haven’t seen this show, please.
Quarry - I wanted to like Quarry. Cinemax show, gritty, violent, influence from Banshee, new story about Vietnam PTSD. But I could not get into it. Characters and environment on whole fell a little flat. Story was sub par.
Better Things – I know nothing about being a single mom. I know nothing about being a teenage girl. I know nothing about an all female progressive household. I know that I really enjoyed this show. It’s my personal favorite of the “Louie” style of shows and I think FX hit it out of the park here.
Insecure - I cared about the characters. That’s more than I can say about most shows. Get your shit together Issa.
Queen Sugar – Together with Insecure is probably how I helped reconcile the fact that I didn’t just dislike Atlanta because I’m some kind of a bigot. Probably one of the best new IP’s of the year, and the fact that it’s on OWN, well, good for them.
Planet Earth – I watched this for the pretty things.
West World - Could likely do a whole tirade on WW. I hated it, then I loved it, and that love came with time. I don’t care about the park as much as I care about the people behind the park. The clues for the reveals were smart, and I’m happy I caught most of them and made the decision to not look at the subreddit during the show. They got me, and while I think a lot of people are just fake fans caught up in the hype and HBO’s marketing, I really do appropriate the show.
Rectify - Some people have said that the series finale season was the worst of the 4. I would have to disagree, as we really get to delve deeper into the psyche of these characters we have grown to love. One of the most touching dramas of the last 4-5 years, a show that is powerful and raw and will likely not be recreated anytime soon. It’s not a lot, so if you have missed it I would highly suggest putting it on your list.
Shameless - Having ZP be Neil is such a treat. Having Fiona winning is great. Everyone maturing at a crazy pace, and you almost have hope for the family. I know that I just love Emmy, but this show will always be a favorite of mine until the end.

Normally I recommend stuff I’m watching next season here. But I’m not quite sure what’s premiering in the next few months. We’re in a bit of a lull it seems. But how about instead best of 2016? That’s what all the cool kids do right? I’m cool? Right?

Comic: Hot Dog Taste Test
Movie: Zootopia
Tech: Google Pixel
Artist: Alessia Cara
Games: 3. Firewatch 2. Uncharted 4 1. Dark Souls 3
TV: 5. Westworld 4. Mr Robot 3. Black Mirror 2. Rectify 1. Bojack Horseman

Good shit. Here’s to a crazy 17.

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Summer 16 TV

Ayyyy it’s been a while since I talked about TV. So lets do that. Real quick and such. Right now.

Everything I watched over the last Season-ish:

Grace and Frankie – One of my favorite Netflix shows, one of the few Comedies that makes me actually laugh.
Modern Family – Wow the new season just started yesterday and I’m listing this as something from “last season” yeesh.
Bobs Burgers – See above, I’m a sucker for these shows move along.
Banshee – Wrapped up in Spring and I think that the 4th season may have been the weakest. I still loved it regardless and am very sad to see it go, as it will go down as one of my top 10 shows of all time.
Lady Dynamite – We don’t need more Louie shows, and this one didn’t do it for me.
Catastrophe – BBC shows on Amazon Prime are a gift, and this one makes me giggle. Worth checking out if you’ve never seen it.
Archer – That cliff hanger tho. Falling behind Rick and Morty and Bojack for me on a list of “Favorite Animated Shows.”
Bo Burnham‘s new special which the name of I am blanking on at this moment – You should watch it. Thanks netflix.
Orphan Black – Doesn’t matter because Tat got her Emmy last week so all is right in the world.
Bloodline – I couldn’t watch season 2. So so so bad compared to season 1 I don’t even know how it’s the same show.
Silicon Valley – I remember when this show was clever and funny. Thanks for making it less good now HBO.
Orange is the New Black – Why do I watch this if I never really love it? It’s just an okay time killer for me. Decent season because there is less piper.
Narcos – Great, but I feel like it could have been 2-3 episodes shorter and been much better. Love that they went through with the arc of Pablo’s story. A lot of hiding, season 1 was probably better all around.
Roadies – Showtime really does suck now. It’s a shame. Couldn’t get past the third episode.
The Night Of - SO much promise with the pilot. Even the next two episodes had me hooked. It was pretty disappointing to watch it go down hill, but still one of the best shows from the last TV cycle.
Bojack Horseman – Hands down my favorite show of the Summer. Quite possibly my show of the year at this rate. They keep managing to make this thing better and better. Such a fucking gem.
Suits - Man I hate Rachael. And even Mike. And kinda everyone. Suits was like the transition between Burn Notice and Mr Robot in USA’s quest to get better at TV, but it’s just so bad now.
Ray Donovan – Probably the weakest season yet, even with Ray having much more of an arc. I keep watching because I want to ride the story out at this point.
Vice Principals – I watched it because it was quick and easy. Didn’t do much for me at all.
Mr Robot - Absolutely masterful. Some people complain that it is not as good as season 1, and I think I disagree. I think 2 is better, and Dom just really drives me insane.
Ballers – Dwayne “Meh” Johnson.

Well that was quick and dirty. And a lot of TV. Hopefully if ya read that ya found something new ya might wanna watch? Currently I’m watching Queen Sugar, Better Things, Quarry, One Mississippi, Fleabag, Transparent, and Easy. Shameless, Black Mirror, and Rectify are coming back next month, and I’m sure a few more things will sneak into that rotation too.


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Spring 16 TV Roundup + DarkSouls III + I got a job?

Suddenly this is just a place for me to post my TV musings and nothing else. Lets see if I can’t remedy that with a little bit of non TV blogging here.

Dark Souls III – A game I fucking loved. I never played any of the other games from FromSoftware before this, even tho I have been recommended to play all of them. I watched some people play DS1 and thought to myself that I had to play three just to see what it is about. A lot of people complain that its too hard or frustrating. I experienced that at first. However the growth process of getting better at a thing was so rewarding for me. Its hard to find a challenging game, and I was not into dark souls for the challenge. The challenge accompanied the story, it accompanied and parallel personal growth. I think the mechanic was a beautiful explanation of why this game is such a cult hit with people. I wish I had the time to play it over again, but really I am not the person to play a game twice, I don’t have the time for that. Maybe I’ll go back and play DS1 now.

Work?!? – So I officially signed up with Attack Media this week. We are doing 2 shows with LionsGate and CCHQ which allowed us to move out studios and really expand the project I love, The Attack, a 3 time a week live Twitch verity show in the style of Attack of the Show. Moreso in just name, because I am working under Kevin Periera now, which is still just a mind blowing thing that I don’t think 13 year old me could properly comprehend. I love the people I work with and I can see so much room for personal growth through learning things from them all. Being in the new studio and getting my hands on everything is just great, I am becoming better at some many things and the positive affirmation is still throwing me for a loop. I am going to work hard to push forth things that I want to create on the network, while growing what we already have to be some of the most groundbreaking content in Twitch history. I could not be more hyped. At all.

BUT JOEY I JUST WANNA HEAR THE TV STUFF. Fine. Here’s what I watched:

House of Cards – Yeah it’s still fun and has some solid writing. However I can’t help but be less interested now. The Robin Wright character still makes me so angry, and I just liked the story pre-president as opposed to post. It’s still a must watch thing, but moreso because I feel involved and want to see it through than I do because I care so much about it.

Suits – More “Welp I just need to finish this shit” territory. On no Mikes in jail whatever will we do. Who cares.

Mythbusters – Now this is something I have seen every episode for, and I am just sad to see it go. When it ended for the last time I kinda got a little choked up. It is one of the few constants in my life over the last 10 years, so to just have it yanked away is a change that I am not comfortable with. The format for the last two seasons I liked, even if they did cut the secondary build team out. I feel like they did teach me a lot about science and critical thinking, as corny and passe as that is.

Shameless – I love Emmy Rossum. I’ll keep watching the show for her. I don’t know if I love the writers for making me hate Debbie now, or hate them for it. More Frank is a good thing, and Lips downfall is interesting. I’m attached to the show and feel like this season was stronger than the two before it.

Billions – I don’t know why I did not have the balls to just stop watching the show. Maybe I thought it was going to get better. I didn’t really enjoy it from week 1, and it did not get much better for me from there. I think I can safely say that I can drop this, and it is just another poor attempt from Showtime. What happened Sho I used to love everything ya did.

Girls – Best season in a few. Don’t know how I feel about the ending still, but I got to see evolution from everyone and feel like the interplay and growing up of the gals were just really on point. One of my favorite shows for a reason, and the Japan episodes were so yummy.

Better Call Saul – Season 2 was a letdown for me. Season 1 I was so excited for every Monday night to roll around to watch a new episode. Season 2 I went days before actually tuning in to see what was going on. Maybe as we see Jimmy slip a little more next season I will have elevated interests, but season 2 just spun a lot of wheels for me. Disappointing for sure.

Dice – Funny and easily digestible. What more could I really ask for? AYYYYY I recommend.

Animals – My favorite thing by far this season. Animated, non linear characters, no mouth animation and low budget but who cares! The writing is some of the funniest I have seen since Rick and Morty and I was just so happy for all of it. I don’t want to spoil, but if there is one thing that I would recommend it would be this show.

What I’m watching now:

W – Modern Family
R – Archer
F – Banshee / Orphan Black
Sun – Bobs Burgers / Silicon Valley

Grace and Frankie + Catastrophe on demand.


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Winter 15 TV

Another season of TV passed by and I really like the idea of keeping consistent and writing a little bit about what I watched season to season on TV. If nothing else but to keep a personal log and my sanity. This time it’s going to be real quick and such. No one is reading anyways, right?

The flagship show in Amazon’s latest attempt to be Netflix. I really liked season one for the character development and seeing the transition of how the family reacts to dad becoming trans. Season 2 focuses less on that transition, pardon the pun, and more on what feels like B plots. I can see why they want to keep this train moving, the writing is still sharp and I still am very interested in the characters, but the original story is just not anywhere near as gripping, and season two feels much less intriguing to me.

Master of None:
A metacritic darling and something that a lot of friends recommended to me, but I ended up only watching half of it, painfully, and stopping. I simply didn’t find it funny, as the humor really did not hit home with me. I feel biased against it since the start since I was never a big Aziz fan, but I figured to give it the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately it didn’t do anything special for me.

The single best show of 2015, hands down, no questions asked. Even with my extreme loathing for the ending, I still put it as a piece of work on while as the best show from last year. If nothing else the cinematography is beautiful, and the characters are multi denominational. If I could I wish that the last episode never happened. Please watch Fargo.

As a long time homeland fan I could rant for five blogs worth of words about my feelings on this season. While there were things that I liked, I just cant believe what Quinn was relegated to, how stupid stupid STUPID Dar Adal and Saul were, and how the characters seemed to just jump out of character all the time. There were some high points, but it just feels like the show is spinning its wheels with characters I dont care about, and characters who are no longer themselves. I’ll still come back tho to see that Carrie lip quiver.

Boy oh boy did I ever binge on Narcos. I think I watched all 10 episodes in less than 20 hours. I though that I wasnt going to be a huge fan of the source material, but I was quite dragged in with the based-on-a-true-story-story. I think I was demonic because I was rooting for Pablo, like I was one of those lower class who he ended up helping.

The Affair:
I said I was not going to watch season two because I loathed season one. Guess what, I watched season 2. The addition of the new perspectives made it somewhat more interesting, and I did enjoy the character arc more seeing things from additional angles. However I still hate Noah and I cant really empathize or feel attached to any of the characters.

So what am I watching for the winter 16 season?
Modern Family, Bobs Burgers, Shameless, Mythbusters (RIP), Billions, Suits, Animals, Vinyl, Better Call Saul, Girls, and Togetherness.

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Fall TV 15

Yo so this is what I think about the TV I watched from last season, and what I’m watching now. Ya ready for these dank opinions?

Rick and Morty
Best animated show ever on television? Maybe. Top 3 for sure. I still have a fondness in my heart for things like Home Movies and Bojack. Regardless Rick makes me think like no other show truly does, which is saying a lot because *burp* it still is an animated piece. Season 2 was better than 1 in my book. Fingers crossed that this trend continues for as long as possible. I’m hooked forever. Dat cliffhanger tho.


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