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Summer 16 TV

Ayyyy it’s been a while since I talked about TV. So lets do that. Real quick and such. Right now.

Everything I watched over the last Season-ish:

Grace and Frankie – One of my favorite Netflix shows, one of the few Comedies that makes me actually laugh.
Modern Family – Wow the new season just started yesterday and I’m listing this as something from “last season” yeesh.
Bobs Burgers – See above, I’m a sucker for these shows move along.
Banshee – Wrapped up in Spring and I think that the 4th season may have been the weakest. I still loved it regardless and am very sad to see it go, as it will go down as one of my top 10 shows of all time.
Lady Dynamite – We don’t need more Louie shows, and this one didn’t do it for me.
Catastrophe – BBC shows on Amazon Prime are a gift, and this one makes me giggle. Worth checking out if you’ve never seen it.
Archer – That cliff hanger tho. Falling behind Rick and Morty and Bojack for me on a list of “Favorite Animated Shows.”
Bo Burnham‘s new special which the name of I am blanking on at this moment – You should watch it. Thanks netflix.
Orphan Black – Doesn’t matter because Tat got her Emmy last week so all is right in the world.
Bloodline – I couldn’t watch season 2. So so so bad compared to season 1 I don’t even know how it’s the same show.
Silicon Valley – I remember when this show was clever and funny. Thanks for making it less good now HBO.
Orange is the New Black – Why do I watch this if I never really love it? It’s just an okay time killer for me. Decent season because there is less piper.
Narcos – Great, but I feel like it could have been 2-3 episodes shorter and been much better. Love that they went through with the arc of Pablo’s story. A lot of hiding, season 1 was probably better all around.
Roadies – Showtime really does suck now. It’s a shame. Couldn’t get past the third episode.
The Night Of - SO much promise with the pilot. Even the next two episodes had me hooked. It was pretty disappointing to watch it go down hill, but still one of the best shows from the last TV cycle.
Bojack Horseman – Hands down my favorite show of the Summer. Quite possibly my show of the year at this rate. They keep managing to make this thing better and better. Such a fucking gem.
Suits - Man I hate Rachael. And even Mike. And kinda everyone. Suits was like the transition between Burn Notice and Mr Robot in USA’s quest to get better at TV, but it’s just so bad now.
Ray Donovan – Probably the weakest season yet, even with Ray having much more of an arc. I keep watching because I want to ride the story out at this point.
Vice Principals – I watched it because it was quick and easy. Didn’t do much for me at all.
Mr Robot - Absolutely masterful. Some people complain that it is not as good as season 1, and I think I disagree. I think 2 is better, and Dom just really drives me insane.
Ballers – Dwayne “Meh” Johnson.

Well that was quick and dirty. And a lot of TV. Hopefully if ya read that ya found something new ya might wanna watch? Currently I’m watching Queen Sugar, Better Things, Quarry, One Mississippi, Fleabag, Transparent, and Easy. Shameless, Black Mirror, and Rectify are coming back next month, and I’m sure a few more things will sneak into that rotation too.