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2016 wasn’t *that* bad

Yeah yeah yeah; Trump, Brexit, Bowie, and oodles of other people who I care less about than Bowie. But in terms of media, I feel like 2016 was pretty hot. TV still on an upswing, (non-AAA) games continuing to grow, good comics, great eSports, and on a personal front- my time working at The Attack. I could easily curtail this into a personal blog about how happy I have been this year working with the entire crew and creating everything we have, but I may save that for the off-line pen and paper blog. In short, it feels like I have a career now. I am a producer and I’m good at it. 18 months ago Joey would have never considered or realized this, and it still blows my mind to think about. I am so very indented to the boys there.

But to not stray too far away from what I wanted to do here, or what my little corner of the internet has devolved into, Fall 2016 TV wrap up and best of 2016 arbitrary lists.

One Mississippi – I like Tig, and I love how dry the show was. I feel like I need to be very particular who I recommend this to because it is definitely not a show for everyone, but for the right people I know that this could very well be love.
Fleabag - It seems like Amazon TV’s strategy is just “take good BBC shows” and really, I’m okay with getting the best of Channel 4 free online. Fleabag wasn’t my favorite thing I watched, but it was short and has a strong point and great character acting.
Transparent – Season 3 delivered. Show keeps continuing to be strong as the focus shifts over to the rest of the family. Easily Amazon’s best show, who knows why they keep pushing Man in the High Castle.
Easy - A Netflix anthology about relationships. Some of them are good, most of them are okay, some of them are just bad. Great to see the crazy diverse cast, but I could only recommend a few of these episodes to people.
Atlanta - When I started not liking Atlanta I sat down with myself and had to ask “Hey do I not like this because I’m just a racist?” No. No I am not, I really just could not get into the show.
High Maintenance – Painfully “meh” nothing to see here.
Black Mirror – Okay fam, I love black mirror. I always have, I probably always will. Even the episodes that people don’t enjoy as much, I still love. I want to share this show with everyone, but I have learned that it is indeed not for everyone. My mother’s reflection after Watching Nosedive was “Well, that sucks.” and San Junipero “Well, that’s sad.” If you like analyzing your media or you like sci fi or you like refreshing short sorties, and you haven’t seen this show, please.
Quarry - I wanted to like Quarry. Cinemax show, gritty, violent, influence from Banshee, new story about Vietnam PTSD. But I could not get into it. Characters and environment on whole fell a little flat. Story was sub par.
Better Things – I know nothing about being a single mom. I know nothing about being a teenage girl. I know nothing about an all female progressive household. I know that I really enjoyed this show. It’s my personal favorite of the “Louie” style of shows and I think FX hit it out of the park here.
Insecure - I cared about the characters. That’s more than I can say about most shows. Get your shit together Issa.
Queen Sugar – Together with Insecure is probably how I helped reconcile the fact that I didn’t just dislike Atlanta because I’m some kind of a bigot. Probably one of the best new IP’s of the year, and the fact that it’s on OWN, well, good for them.
Planet Earth – I watched this for the pretty things.
West World - Could likely do a whole tirade on WW. I hated it, then I loved it, and that love came with time. I don’t care about the park as much as I care about the people behind the park. The clues for the reveals were smart, and I’m happy I caught most of them and made the decision to not look at the subreddit during the show. They got me, and while I think a lot of people are just fake fans caught up in the hype and HBO’s marketing, I really do appropriate the show.
Rectify - Some people have said that the series finale season was the worst of the 4. I would have to disagree, as we really get to delve deeper into the psyche of these characters we have grown to love. One of the most touching dramas of the last 4-5 years, a show that is powerful and raw and will likely not be recreated anytime soon. It’s not a lot, so if you have missed it I would highly suggest putting it on your list.
Shameless - Having ZP be Neil is such a treat. Having Fiona winning is great. Everyone maturing at a crazy pace, and you almost have hope for the family. I know that I just love Emmy, but this show will always be a favorite of mine until the end.

Normally I recommend stuff I’m watching next season here. But I’m not quite sure what’s premiering in the next few months. We’re in a bit of a lull it seems. But how about instead best of 2016? That’s what all the cool kids do right? I’m cool? Right?

Comic: Hot Dog Taste Test
Movie: Zootopia
Tech: Google Pixel
Artist: Alessia Cara
Games: 3. Firewatch 2. Uncharted 4 1. Dark Souls 3
TV: 5. Westworld 4. Mr Robot 3. Black Mirror 2. Rectify 1. Bojack Horseman

Good shit. Here’s to a crazy 17.