Dec 222017

Summer / Fall TV n 2017

Damn daniel back at it again with them fresh TV takes? Let’s rapid fire some of them off and talk about 2017. Let’s see if it will be fun to do a ten words or less thing.

Insecure – Will they? I wont next season.

Orphan Black – Fitting close, love my sisters.

Bojack Horseman – I’m biased, favorite show, great season, fuck dementia.

The Duece – What was this again? Skip.

Suits – Royal family takes cute girl off show. Zzzz

The Defiant Ones – Could have been three episodes, still fine.

Rick and Morty – I hate that this show is so popular now.

Episodes – The best hidden comedy of the last 5 years, bye!


Big Mouth – Netflix is doing animated dicks now? cool.

American Vandal – Great satire yet over hyped.

Room 104 – I filmed next door to them and took their crafty.

Mindhunter – Not for me even tho I wanted it to be.

Transparent – Would have been stronger as a 2 season and done

Five foot two – Gaga docu pretty meh

Top of the Lake (Chinatown) – Bring something back and make it worse eh?


Better Things – I’m not a mom but my heart bleeds for this show

Curb your Enthusiasm – Happy it’s back but didn’t rock my world

Mr Robot – How is this on USA?

Top 5 Shows of 2017:
5. Rick and Morty
4. Better Call Saul
3. Bojack Horseman
2. Mr Robot
1. Big Little Lies

Best game? Mario Odyseey / Breath of the Wild
Best album? Lorde’s Melodrama

Best parts of the latter half of 2017? We put two shows on TV. They were well received? We’re going to do more of them (maybe/hopefully?) We still have jobs and get to play and create in-front of an awesome community that supports us. Still crazy to think about what I got to accomplish this year; between graduating, moving out, the attack at the very least. I’ve got to go on trips (Seattle, big bear, vegas) with my friends and foster the UCLA dota team. Hell I even got to get a new car in there somewhere.

When I look back on it all, it almost seems like a blur. I kept a small journal that I wrote almost every day down into as a quick reminder to appreciate what’s happening and be able to remember some of the finer points, because really it was too much to take in. I’m not even getting close to summing up the finer points here because the big picture is just so, overwhelming. Next year we work on expansion and getting that bottom line up up up. Let’s get it fam.