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Winter / Spring TV 2017.

Yeah, well, I guess it really is just a TV blog now. I’ll touch on non TV stuff at the bottom because I guess the last 6 months have been crazy cool and rewarding.

Big little lies – Would have been #1 if both Fargo and Saul weren’t so good (sorry to bury that lead). Love that it’s a self contained mini-series with real character development and attachment to each of the girl’s stories. I love the houses, the cast, the pettiness, and everything about the show just had me hooked. I didn’t know who the killer was and the reveal was super strong. Would recommend this to almost anyone.
Crashing – I had to go back and think “what was crashing?!” so that’s not a great sign. I was interested in it for Artie. It made me laugh a few times. Probably wont go back fell a little flat.
Girls – I love Girls. It makes me smile. I came into being an adult watching these characters come into being adults. It’s been a fun ride and I am sad that it’s over. I wish Hannah didn’t keep the baby. I’m happy for Sosh.
Animals – My favorite witty animated show that is not Rick and Morty. Watch it.
Silicon Valley – It will never be as good as season 1, but it’s still okay.
House of Cards – Show continues to plateau at a level just south of good. Sticking with it out of some obligation to the story, but it’s quite frustrating at this point.
Grace and Frankie – Makes me smile. Admittedly less interested in this season and did a few things while watching the show.
13 Reasons – While this one has its flaws (why does everyone 16 have all these tattoos, why is everyone’s parents so incompetent) I could talk at length about 13 reasons with other people who watched it. Not sure why it needs a season 2, but okay why not lets give it a shot.
Dear White People – Didn’t think I was going to like it, saw they filmed at UCLA and got my interested perked a little, ended up binge it. It helped that it was short, loved the different perspectives, not as preachy as one would assume, even tho I already agree with the message.
Glow – Thought this was going to be a throwaway, but was wrong. Turned into a full day binge. Sure part of it is because I like wrestling, and 30m episodes helped a ton in making this a quick watch, but it just had a cool happy story.
Orange is the new black – I hated this season a lot less than I have hated all the other ones. Maybe the riot was something that I actually needed to shake the show up. I’m sure next season (or two) will still be garbage and I don’t know why I am going to still watch it.
Homeland – Straight up revival of the show. Good modern story to tie into Trump-land. Carrie being Carrie, Saul being Saul, Dar being Dar. Quin tho, oh boy. A+ would recommend.
Catastrophe – It’s short and it will make you laugh but don’t bother if you haven’t already.
Handmaids Tail – The one show this cycle I thought I was going to get into but then really could not get any traction with. For whatever reason it just would not stick dispite people telling me how awesome it was.
Suits – Why do I watch this show still?
Fargo – Season 3 was the weakest of the three for me. Took me a while to actually get into it, real slow burn. Feel like I still have a lot of unresolved ends, albeit I am very okay with the Pavlov ending. I’m being hyper-critical because I love Fargo so much. I still love this season and would tell you to watch it.
Saul – Best season of this show, easily. Bringing it closer to BrBa times and roping in more of the same characters really makes this show spark in my brain. Story was crisp, ending was tragic, and you really more than ever get to see the BrBa backstory that the show promised us. So damn awesome.
Samurai Jack – I never watched the old Jack seasons. I came into this cold, and it still really worked. So beautiful and romantic.
Archer – Sticking with this show because of it’s strong history, but this season was weaker than Vice. Easily my least favorite one.
Bobs Burgers – They found the formula and could just make this show forever now, and I’m sure they intend to. Love live H Jon.

For anyone keeping track that’s: 5 HBO // 6 Netflix // 1 Showtime // 2 Online-not-netflix // 6 Cable — I knew there was a reason I bought that Netflix stock.
Top 3: Saul > Big Little Lies > Fargo

Summer shows that I’m looking forward to – Orphan Black / Queen Sugar / Suits / Insecure / Room 105 / Ray Donovan / Episodes / Whatever is new and has an 80+ on metacritc

So what about the non TV shit? Well I graduated UCLA a few weeks ago. Was crazy, not as emotional as I thought, but just bitter sweet. Since I have already been working full time and not taking classes all year it was not a strong transition, but I know that I am going to miss the place. I will miss all the learning, and all the luxuries that just living on a college campus afford you. I think my real struggle is knowing that this part of my life is over now and I have to go be “an adult.” I just want to hang out on campus and meet new people and saunter through my day. I still find myself going back to campus just to sit on the grass and collect my thoughts, because it has turned into a comfortable place for me.

Oh also The Attack is going to be on Disney XD. It’s our big shot and I am ready to throw my body to the wolves to make it work. We are all putting in the work and we are going to make it phenomenal, and hope for the best outcome. The hard work will pay off, I believe in the team and what we’re doing and am so excited to be a producer on a real TV show. Who would have thought that at this time last year that this is where we would be at. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes, surely the next blog will elaborate. We record our first Ep in 3 days. Wew.