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My Solo-MMR 4k Journey

It’s common place today to call Video Games an addiction. While not everyone who plays games is labeled as an addict; I would be hard pressed to find someone who would not claim to know someone “addicted to games.” This may stem from the casual Candy Crush to the hyperbolic World of Warcraft raider. While some of the negative aspects of addiction most definitely matriculate to games, say the potential to dictate your life, I do not like the term. Addiction makes me think about the bottle, or makes me feel like when I ready up for a game of Counter Strike I am just jamming the needle into my arm for a fix.

Aside from Ice Cream, playing games is the closest thing to an addiction I could claim. While I would not describe myself as someone predisposed with an addictive personality, video games has been my one consistent bastion through, well, all my life. I bet it’s not a stretch to say something similar about you reading this.
Compounding the enjoyment of video games is this often times overwhelming competitive drive. I feel like everything in life is a competition. I don’t just treat every game of Starcraft like I am in a grand finals. I’ll turn things into contests that are just ludicrous. Sometimes walking to class I’ll just challenge myself to get to point X before person Y in front of me does. It’s a problem.

With that being said (yeah sorry that was a lot of personal ranting), these past six weeks have been a pretty dark time. I feel as if I was able to step outside my body and look at myself, sitting on my computer, and just wonder why I could not stop. Why? What was I so fixated on? 4k.
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