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Slice of Dexter

When I started this site I told myself that I not only want it to be an outlet for all of my eSports stuff, but also a place to write about all of my interests. Finally I am going to live up to that idea by dipping my toes into blogging about television, one of my loves. Here goes nothing.

There will be spoilers.

Dexter marked a new era in my life. Back in 2008 I was 15, and watching grade-A shit on television. I spent more time playing games than I would watching shows in my free time. There was nothing that I was excited to watch except maybe survivor with my dad. My parents have been watching HBO and Showtime for as long as I could remember. I always found it interesting and so much more enjoyable that they could swear on TV. I popped my premium TV cherry online. I sat at my desk and navigated to Showtime’s website. There they had the entire first episode of the first season of Dexter online to watch. I got some chips and a diet coke and proceeded to watch the episode.

I was hooked. Deb might say “fucking hooked!” The concept, plot, acting, and quality was something I have never experienced before on the small screen. Dexter as a character was so intriguing to me. I had the hots for Deb. My netflix queue was lit up catching up on the series. I watched until there was nothing left and I was in agony waiting for the new season to air. It was the first time I spent time away from the show thinking about what happened and analyzing. The ice truck killer was literately in my dreams. The seasons came by as I navigated my way thought high school, and I look back seeing myself mature with the show.

When I thought that this show could not get any better, season 4 hit. John Lithgow as Trinity shattered my expectations and set a new bar. For three months all I wanted was for it to be Sunday night. To this day Trinity, Dexter, and a bath tub full of Rita go down as my favorite season of any TV show, ever. Get back to be after Breaking Bad ends tho, Season 5 might just edge out Dexter 4 as #1 in my book.

After Trinity I never stopped enjoying Dexter, but I knew that it was never the same quality. I spent a lot of time branching out into the entire back catalog of Sho and HBO along with watching other things found in the IMDB top 500. By the time season 8 rolled around I was 20 and living a completely different life.

Lets talk about the cluster fuck letdown that was season 8. By now we have gotten away from the dexter who sets up a kill room and follows the code. Deb, who became my favorite character, is shattered after killing her boss in the season 7 finale. We are introduced to Dr. Vogel and things get crazy fast as she knows who Dexter really is. I loved the concept of having this character central to Dexter’s upbringing coming out. In a shocking turn of events, a serial killer is threatening Dexter’s new friend. Looks like there is a new big-bad central to this new guest star. Standard Dex formula. The fake-outs and plot “twists” that unravel for this serial killer might be my least favorite. I was way more interested in the Deb sub plot. Hell even Masuka’s daughter was more interesting at points, and I don’t even remember her name. Then we just have to add Hannah back into the mix, and let Deb come around to supporting her brother more than ever.

I think what made this disappointment of a season so much worse is that I was watching it in parallel with Breaking Bad’s final season. BrBa is an amazing example of a show still going strong to the end and making me care more than ever before. Dex was eclipsed by Walt.

Then Sunday rolled around and it was the series finale. The last episode. The end. I got myself excited. I wanted to know how it ended. Did Dexter finally be reprimanded for his actions? What happens to Deb and the others who I grew so fond of? Nothing exciting. All I got was an hour of bad cg, makeup, and extremely hard to believe scenes. When I realize Deb was going to die, I was pissed (and a little sad), but that was my only emotion. I could rant for hours about what transpired with the killing, arrest, baby, STEALING A BODY FROM A HOSPITAL, RIDING BACK TO SHORE ON A MOTHER FUCKING DOLPHIN, LUMBERJACKS, A MOTHER FUCKING LUMBERJACK?!?

I’m so mad. He never once paid. We spent so much time watching dexter try to learn to love only to scorn everyone. After everything deb went through, she dies from a piece of dog shit blood clot. Lumberjacks. GRRRRR. If you cared at all and find yourself upset may I point you to /r/dexter for some good old circle jerk self deprecating hate.

I still love Dexter. It really exposed me to a new world and love in my life. I will be forever grateful, and always remember the good times of Trinity and rituals.  [I will miss all the fucks Deb gave]


Moving forward I would like to do a bit of writing on at least two shows from each season cycle. I would like to talk about some of the series I watch that are not so “main stream,” maybe others will enjoy them. Have you watched Orphan Black? Top of the Lake? Rectify? Check them out. I don’t have a format in mind, so I am just going to wing it as I find time and inspiration. I am also going to expand this little world into game reviews….soon(tm).

I hope you got the slightest bit of enjoyment reading. Fucking lumberjacks.