Jan 242014


As I sit here lonely and bored on this rather uneventful Thursday, an update to this blog just seems “right.”

It’s 2014. Well it has been for almost a month now. Time flies as they say. Tis been a crazy time already. Turned 21 a few weeks ago. Visited Vegas and CES again this year. Started a montage of new TV shows for Winter. Final community college semester is a go. All of this stuff is exciting, and keeping me busy. In this fit of business I have this little nag in the back of my head that there is nothing going on HERE. It’s not like many people are stopping by, or waiting for content (and I may or may not loathe this), but the lack of regular anything is bothersome. I want this to be an eSports live event blog, but also so much more of an internet outlet for me. It says in the sidebar “Sometimes I also talk about other awesome things like TV, games, and food.” What’s stopping me from regular content of any sort? Am I too busy? Kinda. Am I too lazy? I don’t really thing so.

I really like lists. I keep a to-do list on my desk. It is an 8.5×11 piece of paper that breaks things into different categories. I love crossing things off. Keeps me organized and I feel makes me a more efficient human. I also keep a “someday-maybe” list. On here I have things that I want to do. Some of the things you might find on this list include: Reading a few select books, streaming, stop biting my nails, have a girlfriend. I really need to work on taking “Looseleafs being a thing” off that list. I recently took “Yelp Reviewer” off this list. I am enjoying the discipline, and writing outlet, of reviewing every place I go on yelp. I know that I will keep this up indefinitely, so why can I not put that drive into this casa?

I want to create content. Rawr.

If you’re interested in my single day at CES, here are the only 4 pictures I took: