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The Fantasy Report: Week 7

Hey Now,

Welcome back to another exciting and super duper awesome Fantasy Report. With only three weeks left to go in Season 1, we will be spending our time doing a lot of TI4 stats, and I could not be more excited. It really is Christmas in July.

Is this your first time coming across the Fantasy Report? Welcome my friend. Allow me to indulge you with the world of fantasy dota. While Season 1 admittedly has some kinks, these first 7 weeks have been a lot of fun, and actually quite comparable to my fantasy NBA and NFL leagues. Putting in five to ten minuets a day utilizing the right resources can drastically improve your game, and help you win your league. These Fantasy Reports will be a repeating weekly articles to share tips, highlight rising stars, help with roster swaps, stats, and to discuss everything that is fantasy doto! If you would like to go back you can view and fantasy reports!

I am going to have to keep the Week 7 recap short this week to avoid copious amounts of flame and anger. tl;dr The fantasy system was fucked up. With only fringe league being played in the by week before TI, they failed to record stats for the few teams that were playing. Only 35 players reported scores this week, when in reality a good 70 should have posted. Even though they had their scores recorded in their profile, they did not calculate to the team. This effected leagues like: BoraDota, ZSword, Vietnam Esports CHampions League, GG League, DatBet, Western Digitial, and AMD D2M. Hyper Glory, LGD2, Invasion, Mineski, PR, CNB, Union, Titan, MVP, Arrow, and more all got fucked over. It wasn’t very cool. The system was actually broken. Like unplayable because of this. Regardless of how hard you tried, you might have goten a great pickup for this week (Invasion.Ghost) only to see him play a good 13 games, win most of them, and not score a single point. Sigh.

Well I sincerely hope that in week 8 we find ourselves elevated of these problems as we focus on the 19 teams currently having the time of their lives in Seattle. TI4 is here baby, and we kick off with the playin series tomorrow. After that we have group stage Bo3’s until Saturday, and we round out Sunday with some brackets. Lots of TI this week in prep for the main event next week.


Rehashing last weeks post, I again encourage you to check out and use my spreadsheet. I have compiled a google doc that has each player’s daily point earnings. This should be valuable information in letting you pick up only the best, and most active players. In addition on this document you can find overall team totals, and a handy calendar that will tell you what teams are playing when. USE THE CALENDAR! If you do not have active players every day then you’re losing points. Don’t lose points yo. I’ve updated it to better mirror TI4 stuffs.



Don’t All-In on the Play-In – Although VP players might look great on paper in order for you to get an advantage early this week, the TI4 wildcard winner will surely be stomped on in bracket stage. While it is advised to pick up a play-in player today for use tomorrow, you most certainly will want to trade him away the next day for someone who will be preforming better in groups.

Diversify! – With 16 teams and no clear favorite, you would be shooting yourself in the foot to pick up a lineup full of all IG, EG, Empire, or whomever. Spread the love out in the group stage. Prioritize teams that will be doing well in groups for the first few days. Trade in order to insure you have players on hot teams after day one, but do not put all of your eggs in one basket. While the likes of DK, IG, and Newbee are sure to top the group, other strong teams like Alliance EG and Vici will be putting up strong scores too against the weaker teams. The more diverse you are the easier it will be for you to adapt as the week goes on. In addition to this, while having rank 1 and 2 team’s players on your roster for groups, they will be missing stage three entirely. A best-case scenario is having players who will be finishing in 6th-10th and making bracket tears. They will be playing the most games and therefore hold the most weight in terms of point scores. Having players in stage 3 will be key.

Work the Bench – Ideally you should have 8 players on your roster participating in TI this week. Analyze who is hot, and compare that to who they are playing tomorrow, to help insure that you have as many stomp games as possible. If Empire is playing the group leaders tomorrow, maybe you want to sit Silent and play Trixi.

More than just 8 – Recently I realized that there is a misconception about how player scores work. Some people think only the players you end the week with and have scored count towards your total. Others think that only your top 8, as shown on the match up tab count. That’s all wrong. Every player on your team that scores, regardless of if they are a top 8 scorer, or on your team at the end, count. This is why fielding VP.God for one day, and then dropping him like a hot potato, is a fine idea. You will still get the points he scored. So don’t be afraid to draft a wildcard player for a 24hr contract.


Week 8 Pickups:

C9.Aui_2000 – Aui is one of the top scoring supports through all of S1, relative to his carry’s score. If you need to put a support in this week, give AUI a shot. How C9 does in groups is still up for debate, but I do not think they will completely flounder.

DK.Burning – Now I doubt that this guy is un-drafted at any league at this point, but if he is open grab him now. Burning is on the one team that seems like a lock for 1/2 in group, and he puts up some of the highest carry numbers around.

IG.Ferrair_430 – See DK.Burning.

Newbee.Hao – Similar to Burning and 430, but arguably more volatile. WIll put up high numbers against weaker teams. May or may not make the top of groups. Should crush through phase 3 if he finds himself there. Or Newbee could crumple.

Vici.Sylar – See Newbee.Hao.

Week 8 Drops:

Arrow.ddz – My boy ddz has been wrecking up to this point. He has been playing, and winning the most games. He was the first individual player to break 500 points. However his time has come and past as he will be outshines at TI. Tis sad, and I hope arrow does well in the coming year, but now is not his time.

NaVi.Dendi – Dondorz has not been a fantasy powerhouse in Season 1. I really believe, contrary to my inner fanboy, that NaVi is going to have their worst TI showing ever. Keeping Dendi on your active roster because you believe in your heart of hearts that they’re going to he finals might not be the best thing this week.

Fnatic.N0tail – He might be a beautiful butterfly, unicorn, and rainbow, but his fantasy numbers are weak, and Fnatic does not look like they are going to have a killer showing.

Titan.KyXy – While Titan has potential to do well, and god knows I want them too, KyxY is a risky addition to a roster. If you have him, I would not drop him right now. Maybe feel out day one and see how the SEA powerhouse performs first.

LGD.Rabbit – Like KyxY a risky pick who at once point was a superstar. Wait and see before you unload, might be fools gold.



These stats mean nothing because fantasy was so fucked up this week who caressss
Highest Earning Player – Titan.kyxy – 48.8
Superstar Support – Titan.Net – 29.7
Highest Earning Team – Titan – 139.4
Most Games Played – Invasion ~ 13 (LOL GOOD THING ALMOST NONE WERE RECORDED)
Teams who had unreported scores – 12
Total Week 7 Points – 515.8
Average player score (active players only) – 14.7
No weekly base score stat today kids. Just pat yourself on the back if you scored.
So how did you do in week 7 of fantasy? Did you field a player who scored? Did you trade for players who were playing but you were robbed? What would you like to see from these articles in the future? Go ahead and comment below.

I only scored 40 points. It could have been >200 if the system wasnt broken. So whatever. I’m not bitter or anything. It’s not like I lost this week when I shouldnt have and my record is tarnished. Yeah. It’s cool. >=[

GLHF dominating your leagues in week 8.