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YouTube Ambissions

So this week at school the YouTube partnership program came to campus. They set up shop in one of the many theaters on campus and gave a presentation about how we as students have so much potential to be great YouTube personalities. They went over success stories, and strategies for using the service. Spent a lot of time answering questions from professors, and all around just being there for us.

It was kinda eye opening. Being someone or doing some thing on YouTube has been a goal of mine for a while. It’s on my list aptly titled “someday maybe.”

I think its time to take this goal off of that list, and put it on the to-do list. Things are just aligning nicely for it. I have to do a diffusion project for my social networking class. I have time to spend on YouTube. I have the slightest bit of name recognition that I could leverage. Most importantly I have the drive. I am scared of piling on another project, but I think that this is something that I can do to really prove to myself that something good can come out of hard work. So lets do it.

To cap off the motivation we got invited as students to the YouTube space LA. Here is where they have so much YouTube swag its overwhelming. Its like a full blown production warehouse with support staff from YT and the Google overloads. It was hip and inviting and super cool to just be there. We got to see a QA panel from mylifeiseva a YouTuber with almost two million subs. Everything was on point and seemed to be a friendly welcoming environment. I want to be a part of that family.

SO what am I going to do? I don’t exactly know yet. I feel as if it will definitely be gaming related. But what do I do that’s different. Something that’s not just a rehash of Total Bisquick or anything close to that? Now this is what I’m still working on.