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Winter 12-15 TV Wrap-Up

With Winter TV season officially over, and already a few weeks into spring, I really wanted to just do a little bit of a recap about what I was watching last season, and how I felt about it. This list is going to be crude. It’s by no means a “what I should go back and watch” or a “I have such great taste in TV” list. It’s just what I watched, and how I felt about it. Ready, set, go.

Kobe Bryant’s Muse:
Less of a TV show and more of a Movie, but it’s on Showtime so fuck it I’ll put it on this list. As a life long Laker fan I actually cant remember a team without Kobe on it. I’m 22, and even if I have memories from when I was 6, that’s crazy to think about. That time is almost over, ad the change is just making me sad. The documentary was good. Not amazing, but good. It gave a new light to a mysterious idol of mine. Maybe idol is too strong of a word here actually. Regardless, It was weird to see Kobe talk to the camera like this about his history, and his recent injuries. It feels as if he has a mental illness, which is his fuel for this fire driving him. His methodology is not normal, and so foreign to most people. It’s admirable to see the success that this has given him, but I realize that many people would rather be unsuccessful, than be stricken with how Kobe feels about himself on a daily basis.

House of Cards:
Fuck Claire. I used to love you. Now? You’re just this stupid ignorant annoying as shit plot device. Why didn’t frank help make the world a better place? Because Claire has a convictions or something and decided to just be a cunt. Maybe I’m too “Team Frank” here, but Claire doing stupid shit to drive the story in different directions was kinda disappointing for me. I wanted her to be the president in the future, but now, good god no. Aside from that hate, and too much Doug in my opinion, I liked the show. Binge watched it in the first 48 hours.

USA has some great shows for like 2 seasons. Suits is going the way of like Burn Notice now and just getting kinda silly. Still their strongest horse ever, it just feels like a rinse and repeat process now, and is getting too formulaic. Harvey and Donna tho will always keep me watching the show because I love the writing for them.

This show is like the Anti-showtime show. Normally showtime shoes just get so much worse after season 3. Episodes gets better with age. The writing, the story arcs, the comedy, all improved once again. My ringtone is now Matt’s ringtone in the show. First time I’ve changed that in like 4 years, goes to show that I really appreciate this one.

No Kari, Grant Tori? Ehhhhh I wasn’t sure. But it kinda works. It’s the same, but different. I see the direction they are going in and I think that it’s good for the show, but maybe not my favorite. I do love the new editing, graphic, and focus. I’ve watched every other episode, Adam just has me hooked I guess till the end.

Real mixed feelings about this show. It seemed to have little to no direction, character development, or even personal attachment for me to the characters. A big ‘ol bag of Meh and I’m not sure if I’ll stick around for next year. Hell I barely was engaged watching the finale.

If Tatentino directed a TV show, it might be Banshee. Yeah it’s getting significantly more ridiculous, but holy shit I just love it. I care about the characters. For some reason I still find bits and pieces believable. The villains are great, the heroes are questionable, and the writing is LOLOLOL sometimes. Without a doubt my favorite thing on TV so far in 2015, and from last season. Watch it.

Can we take a second to talk about that ass-eating scene? Holy, wow. Jeeze. That was so pleasantly graphic. Kudos to them for attempting to pull that off. The season was not that exciting on a whole for me. The finale was awesome. Hannah spending time at grad school was painful. How did she not get fired? Why does Marmey hate herself? Why do I sometimes find myself talking like I am Sosh.

Archer is not as good as it was in the beginning. But I feel like this show can simply do no wrong because I love the voice actors, how the characters have progressed to this point, the animation, and everything. I will watch every episode of archer, and probably watch them all again some day.

It had to happen sometime right? My least favorite season to date. Emmy is still like my favorite human and forever crush, but Fiona was just spinning her wheels. How come she was fighting so hard to lead this family, but now she is just out of the house forever? Debbie got annoying, less Carl is a bad thing, Ian is painful to watch. Lip confuses me with his choices, because his girlfriend just seems so perfect. Kev and V are infuriating this season. Oddly enough Frank had the best story again which was kinda nice I guess. Also Micky is now my favorite character and a staple to the show. I hope that the direction they pick up with next season just has some better writing, because I really do love this show and want to see it continue to be…good.

Better Call Saul:
Last but not least, Saul. I was scared going into ti because it has such lofty standard to live up to. Breaking Bad in my book is the best TV show of all time, ever. With that tho, and some lackluster initial reviews, I still knew I was going to watch it all. I kinda fell in love with the editing and the screenplay. It was weird because since it was shot in a very similar way to BrBa, it was like you could tell the similarities in editing. The story stand up awesome on its own, and I want to know where it is going for ITS OWN MERRITS. Which I think is important. The ending tho was infuriating. Holly balls.

Well there it is. I tired to keep it as spoiler free as possible if you want to watch some of these shows. I hope you can enjoy them like I did, because at the end of the day I did get enjoyment out of them all. TL;DR best of the season, in order: Banshee, Saul, Archer. But they’re all good on their own rights. So take form this as you will.

What am I watching / Continuing to watch right now?
Modern Family, Bobs Burgers, Nurse Jackie, Silicon Valley, Orphan Black, Happyish, Bloodline. Seems like its going to be a week season, but eh, lets see how it goes.