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Fall TV 15

Yo so this is what I think about the TV I watched from last season, and what I’m watching now. Ya ready for these dank opinions?

Rick and Morty
Best animated show ever on television? Maybe. Top 3 for sure. I still have a fondness in my heart for things like Home Movies and Bojack. Regardless Rick makes me think like no other show truly does, which is saying a lot because *burp* it still is an animated piece. Season 2 was better than 1 in my book. Fingers crossed that this trend continues for as long as possible. I’m hooked forever. Dat cliffhanger tho.

Ray Donovan
What a silly season. Bridget’s story line confuses me. Micky somehow found a way to make me not interested in his character. Connor fucks his bed sheets. I think that this is one of the weaker seasons to date even tho we spend most of the time exploring Ray’s character. I am in this series to the finish and overall it was not a disappointment, but just not as good as I have come to expect from what is one of Sho’s staples now.

BoJack Horseman
I binged both seasons when S2 came out. Not watching season 1 was a huge mistake and I am happy that I took the recommendation to watch them all. This show is really pushing the boundaries of story telling through animated worlds. The art and the writing makes me care about these characters. It’s clever and funny. Probably my favorite thing to come out this year, and i know that because I bought a replica Dianne birthday shirt.

Mr Robot
Well isn’t this show just an internet darling. The topic alone is sure to set reddit and 4han ablaze. It did, and as such the show got a lot of exposure. It had a cool script and actually didn’t make all of the tech references completely awkward. The pilot will go down in my top 5 for best intro to a series. Unfortunately as the show dragged on I remainder interested, but it did not keep the excellent pace of the trailer. Also the twist was predictable.

The other USA show I still watch. It’s more of the same and almost a guilty comfort pick at this point. I like Harvey and Mike and I am not ashamed to admit that seeing the two banter on screen will always make me smile.

I don’t expect much from The Rock these days. He is a draw because of his past, and I don’t respect him too much for amazing acting. That being said this roll for him is tailor made. He gets to bust balls with a smirk on his face. His character is a little one dimensional, in addition to his entire supporting cast. While the show is fun it is in no way deem and I was not heavily invested in it. Enough to see it through the season, and probably watch next, but not crazy into it.

This short season goes back to the pace of season 1. Six episode chunk, and I am still in love with Amantha. We are focusing on Daniel and the latest crime in town, and we watch the tragedy that is his family be slowly pulled apart now that he is still a prominent member of their household. I still find the themes and story telling here surprisingly good, as the script really holds everything together making me care about these characters more than other shows.

True Detective
So I did not like Season 1 of TD. I respect all that it did, but I was simply not a fan of the time piece or the story. Couldn’t get into it and did not finish which is rare for me. I decided to give S2 a chance, and now that I finished it I am happy that I did. I have the unpopular opinion of disliking 1 and enjoying 2. Yeah Vince is still a questionable casting choice. Yeah the whole not dying because your vest stopped these shotgun blats still grinds my gears. But I enjoyed the story and all of it’s finer notes.

Grace and Frankie
Dark horse for favorite thing I watched in the fall. It made me feel happy to watch the two old ladies try and rebuild their lives. I don’t even care that Im not the core demographic, or that my mother adored the show too, I found it cute and just genuinely made me happy to watch. So fuck it, I’m a fan.

So what am I watching now?
Not much! I need to start some netflix stuff like Narcos and Master of None still. On TV it’s being kept to Homeland, Affair, Modern Family, Bobs Burgers, and Fargo.