Jan 132016

Winter 15 TV

Another season of TV passed by and I really like the idea of keeping consistent and writing a little bit about what I watched season to season on TV. If nothing else but to keep a personal log and my sanity. This time it’s going to be real quick and such. No one is reading anyways, right?

The flagship show in Amazon’s latest attempt to be Netflix. I really liked season one for the character development and seeing the transition of how the family reacts to dad becoming trans. Season 2 focuses less on that transition, pardon the pun, and more on what feels like B plots. I can see why they want to keep this train moving, the writing is still sharp and I still am very interested in the characters, but the original story is just not anywhere near as gripping, and season two feels much less intriguing to me.

Master of None:
A metacritic darling and something that a lot of friends recommended to me, but I ended up only watching half of it, painfully, and stopping. I simply didn’t find it funny, as the humor really did not hit home with me. I feel biased against it since the start since I was never a big Aziz fan, but I figured to give it the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately it didn’t do anything special for me.

The single best show of 2015, hands down, no questions asked. Even with my extreme loathing for the ending, I still put it as a piece of work on while as the best show from last year. If nothing else the cinematography is beautiful, and the characters are multi denominational. If I could I wish that the last episode never happened. Please watch Fargo.

As a long time homeland fan I could rant for five blogs worth of words about my feelings on this season. While there were things that I liked, I just cant believe what Quinn was relegated to, how stupid stupid STUPID Dar Adal and Saul were, and how the characters seemed to just jump out of character all the time. There were some high points, but it just feels like the show is spinning its wheels with characters I dont care about, and characters who are no longer themselves. I’ll still come back tho to see that Carrie lip quiver.

Boy oh boy did I ever binge on Narcos. I think I watched all 10 episodes in less than 20 hours. I though that I wasnt going to be a huge fan of the source material, but I was quite dragged in with the based-on-a-true-story-story. I think I was demonic because I was rooting for Pablo, like I was one of those lower class who he ended up helping.

The Affair:
I said I was not going to watch season two because I loathed season one. Guess what, I watched season 2. The addition of the new perspectives made it somewhat more interesting, and I did enjoy the character arc more seeing things from additional angles. However I still hate Noah and I cant really empathize or feel attached to any of the characters.

So what am I watching for the winter 16 season?
Modern Family, Bobs Burgers, Shameless, Mythbusters (RIP), Billions, Suits, Animals, Vinyl, Better Call Saul, Girls, and Togetherness.