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WCS america Season 3 Finals!

Hey Now~

Here is a real quick share of some pictures I took Sunday October 20th at Red Bull HQ for the WCS Season 3 America Finals. This was a free admission event hosted in Santa Monica California that featured the top 8 Americans (Read: Koreans). Unfortunately I was only able to attend Sunday, but felt right at home with a, small, hyped crowd and a bunch of friends from NASL and the SoCal scene. Personal highlights of the day included the copious amounts of free Red Bull, Gretorp hugs, Jaedong remembering me, and a Polt W.

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WCS NA S2 ro16 Day 1

My grandma would have no idea how to read that title. WCS, NA, S2, ro16. It’s practically jibrish.

WCS NA kicked off its first live broadcast at the NASL studio Monday. 3 of America’s top players (Jaedong, Ryung, and Oz) were all in Rancho California to play infront of a live audience. Since a fire broke out at the original venue the crew did not have much time to turn their office into a studio, a la MLG. Something new to this live WCS NA event was an audience! It did not come over well through the stream, and the guest list was 90% VIPS, but people were there watching and rooting for NA’s best. Since Violet could not come it was a rather short day with not too much to shoot, but a fun time with friends nonetheless. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures. Unfortunately this was the only day I am able to cover WCS stuff. I fly out to TI3 Friday. Hype as fuck.

Full album can be viewed hereĀ 

Additional shots and a vine pan of the set on my twitter


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IPL+NASL Double Header

Hey Now!

Guess who is back with another photoblog / story time post? This guy. I really do enjoy being able to put my thoughts here and share me event experiences with all of you. If this is your first time coming across my blog then I would love to welcome you. Sit down and join me for some tea.

IPL5, Las Vegas Nov. 29 – Dec. 2

You can find all of my IPL5 photos on my imgur page, at this link!

IPL is a trip that almost did not happen for me. With my friends bailing on me I had no way to make my way from LA -> LV, and nowhere to stay. It is a good thing that everyone in Starcraft is awesome. After a few texts and tweets I made arrangements and found myself driving down to GHOSTCLAW’s house Thursday night. It sucked that we had to miss Thursday at IPL, but a 4 day event is silly long.

After meeting up with Robbie, our ride arrived. Gary, a CSL admin and all around cool kid, showed up in his mother’s lexus SUV. We packed out bags in the back and made out way from UCLA twords Vegas. However we decided that it would be a good idea, at 8pm, before our 4 hour drive to stop and get Ramen in downtown. Needless to say the noodles were gewd, but we did not leave downtown until 11pm. We were not going to get to Vegas for a looooong time.
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NASL S3 Finals- Hello Canada

Hey now,
Time for blog entry number 3. I have decided at this point that I will be sticking with this format for every event that I travel to for work or pleasure. A bunch of you have said super kind things, and it seems as if the reception of these is, on a whole, good. I really hope to transform this into something that people subscribe too.

There is no one I owe more of a “Thank You” to than NASL. I am bias as shit. You can look through post history of mine and see me defending them when almost everyone was anti-NASL. I would not be any where if Xeris did not give me an opportunity to enter the studio at the beginning of season 1, and let me help with the league. Without those initial connections I would have not had a solid path of networking through the scene; and I would have never worked the S1 finals. Thanks Duran, Thanks Russ, Thanks Andre, Thanks Eliot. I had to skip out on the S2 finals because of school. I reallllly wanted to go, and got quite a bit of harassment from the team. I told them that I would for sure make it out to Canada for Season 3, and I kept good on that promise. Boy am I happy I did.
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