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(At the time of writing this I was) …currently living and going to school in Orlando Florida. The plan was for me to come home to Los Angeles for a short summer, and attend E3 and MLG. Upon talking to my friends in So Cal eSports about this, they were disappointed that I would not be able to be attending the GESL. I was super lucky and able to extend my stay in the city of angels in order to attend the event. Big thanks to Prima for really pushing me to come, and giving me the job description “Reddit Guru.” The title still makes me chuckle.

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One corrupt SD card later, I lost quite a bit of pictures from this weekend. QQ TT

This was my first time at Cal Poly Pomona, even tho I have lived in the area for the majority of my life. The campus was really nice and peaceful. Green poster board lead everyone from the parking lot to the Student Center.
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