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Winter 12-15 TV Wrap-Up

With Winter TV season officially over, and already a few weeks into spring, I really wanted to just do a little bit of a recap about what I was watching last season, and how I felt about it. This list is going to be crude. It’s by no means a “what I should go back and watch” or a “I have such great taste in TV” list. It’s just what I watched, and how I felt about it. Ready, set, go.

Kobe Bryant’s Muse:
Less of a TV show and more of a Movie, but it’s on Showtime so fuck it I’ll put it on this list. As a life long Laker fan I actually cant remember a team without Kobe on it. I’m 22, and even if I have memories from when I was 6, that’s crazy to think about. That time is almost over, ad the change is just making me sad. The documentary was good. Not amazing, but good. It gave a new light to a mysterious idol of mine. Maybe idol is too strong of a word here actually. Regardless, It was weird to see Kobe talk to the camera like this about his history, and his recent injuries. It feels as if he has a mental illness, which is his fuel for this fire driving him. His methodology is not normal, and so foreign to most people. It’s admirable to see the success that this has given him, but I realize that many people would rather be unsuccessful, than be stricken with how Kobe feels about himself on a daily basis.
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Slice of Dexter

When I started this site I told myself that I not only want it to be an outlet for all of my eSports stuff, but also a place to write about all of my interests. Finally I am going to live up to that idea by dipping my toes into blogging about television, one of my loves. Here goes nothing.

There will be spoilers.

Dexter marked a new era in my life. Back in 2008 I was 15, and watching grade-A shit on television. I spent more time playing games than I would watching shows in my free time. There was nothing that I was excited to watch except maybe survivor with my dad. My parents have been watching HBO and Showtime for as long as I could remember. I always found it interesting and so much more enjoyable that they could swear on TV. I popped my premium TV cherry online. I sat at my desk and navigated to Showtime’s website. There they had the entire first episode of the first season of Dexter online to watch. I got some chips and a diet coke and proceeded to watch the episode.

I was hooked. Deb might say “fucking hooked!” The concept, plot, acting, and quality was something I have never experienced before on the small screen. Dexter as a character was so intriguing to me. I had the hots for Deb. My netflix queue was lit up catching up on the series. I watched until there was nothing left and I was in agony waiting for the new season to air. It was the first time I spent time away from the show thinking about what happened and analyzing. The ice truck killer was literately in my dreams. The seasons came by as I navigated my way thought high school, and I look back seeing myself mature with the show.
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