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WCS america Season 3 Finals!

Hey Now~

Here is a real quick share of some pictures I took Sunday October 20th at Red Bull HQ for the WCS Season 3 America Finals. This was a free admission event hosted in Santa Monica California that featured the top 8 Americans (Read: Koreans). Unfortunately I was only able to attend Sunday, but felt right at home with a, small, hyped crowd and a bunch of friends from NASL and the SoCal scene. Personal highlights of the day included the copious amounts of free Red Bull, Gretorp hugs, Jaedong remembering me, and a Polt W.

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Slice of Dexter

When I started this site I told myself that I not only want it to be an outlet for all of my eSports stuff, but also a place to write about all of my interests. Finally I am going to live up to that idea by dipping my toes into blogging about television, one of my loves. Here goes nothing.

There will be spoilers.

Dexter marked a new era in my life. Back in 2008 I was 15, and watching grade-A shit on television. I spent more time playing games than I would watching shows in my free time. There was nothing that I was excited to watch except maybe survivor with my dad. My parents have been watching HBO and Showtime for as long as I could remember. I always found it interesting and so much more enjoyable that they could swear on TV. I popped my premium TV cherry online. I sat at my desk and navigated to Showtime’s website. There they had the entire first episode of the first season of Dexter online to watch. I got some chips and a diet coke and proceeded to watch the episode.

I was hooked. Deb might say “fucking hooked!” The concept, plot, acting, and quality was something I have never experienced before on the small screen. Dexter as a character was so intriguing to me. I had the hots for Deb. My netflix queue was lit up catching up on the series. I watched until there was nothing left and I was in agony waiting for the new season to air. It was the first time I spent time away from the show thinking about what happened and analyzing. The ice truck killer was literately in my dreams. The seasons came by as I navigated my way thought high school, and I look back seeing myself mature with the show.
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TI3 Pictures

Holy shit. I am so happy I got to attend TI3. TI3 marked my debut attending dota events and branching out a bit. I got to see some familiar faces, but spend most of the time exploring and mingling. Valve put on the best event I have ever attend. It’s not a hyperbole, or fluff, it was the best. Here are some of the photo’s I grabbed at the event.

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WCS NA S2 ro16 Day 1

My grandma would have no idea how to read that title. WCS, NA, S2, ro16. It’s practically jibrish.

WCS NA kicked off its first live broadcast at the NASL studio Monday. 3 of America’s top players (Jaedong, Ryung, and Oz) were all in Rancho California to play infront of a live audience. Since a fire broke out at the original venue the crew did not have much time to turn their office into a studio, a la MLG. Something new to this live WCS NA event was an audience! It did not come over well through the stream, and the guest list was 90% VIPS, but people were there watching and rooting for NA’s best. Since Violet could not come it was a rather short day with not too much to shoot, but a fun time with friends nonetheless. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures. Unfortunately this was the only day I am able to cover WCS stuff. I fly out to TI3 Friday. Hype as fuck.

Full album can be viewed hereĀ 

Additional shots and a vine pan of the set on my twitter


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MLG Anahiem 2013 Advetures

Hey Now,

Who’s excited for another event recap blog?!? Here is my stories from MLG Spring 2013 in Anaheim California. If you don’t want to read the words and instead just look at the pictures, you can find them by clicking on this big ol’ link.

MLG is arguably the largest eSports organization in America. For the last three years the crown jewel of the MLG circuit has been MLG Anaheim. Located in southern California, and stones throw from Disneyland, Anaheim draws an unparalleled crows in the USA. All of those nice things were true again this year, but only for 66.666666666% of the featured games at the event.

Upon entering the doors of MLG this year it was obvious that they changed up the venue floor format. Here is a very not to scale, yet artistic masterpiece, map of the show floor.

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